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More Pictures from The Crooked Cabin Trip

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After our spiritual cleansing we continued towards The Crooked Cabin.

Hotel sign on tree
Hotel sign on trees... When was the last time you saw one of these?

Truck stopped infront of the bog
Ahh the Bog, only trucks are allowed in this part of the country.

The Crooked Cabin
Finally we arrive at The Crooked Cabin. Crooked Cabin is the name of this place. I don't know why :( in the picture: Jeff, Ron, Eddy, Chad
Side view of the cabin
This cabin was built by Ed Cannelli, from begining to end. Doesn't this look fantastic? It looks like a BRAND new cabin cause it is... Ed pretty much replaced everything that used to be here and put his own artistic touch on it... looks great!
Crooked Cabin: Eddy, Jeff, Chad
Eddy, jeff Chad
Water pump behind the cabin
Inside the Cabin: Eddy, Chad, Todd
Inside the cabin: Ed, Chad, Todd... BRAND new cabin :)
hunted prize
Ed's layer

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