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Cigar Store in Newtown, CT | Brand Cigars Newtown

Brand Cigars Newtown is a local cigar store located at South Main St. Newtown, CT. This is our 2nd location. Brand Cigars Monroe is our first cigar store. 

This cigar store has a 45 feet long walk-in humidor. We have hundreds of premium imported cigars such as Macanudo, Cohiba, Avo, Arturo Fuente, Pedron, Olivia, Punch, Rocky Patel and more. We even have the rare Opus X in stock. We have learned a lot from the first store and this store is just that much better. 

The store opened in December 2011. We have a nice lounge area when you walk in the store. This is by far the largest cigar store in Newtown. So, if you live in Newtown or anywhere in Connecticut, come check it out.

We are also a member of the Newtown Chamber of Commerce. 

Brand Cigars Newtown
266 South Main St. #D6