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Basement Basement Systems Helping Flood Victims in Wisconsin

Badger Basement Systems is one of the top Basement Systems Dealer out of Madison, Wisconsin. We (Basement Systems Web Team) have created their website and do all their web marketing for them. View their site: Basement Waterproofing Wisconsin.

Recently, Wisconsin got hit with a huge amount of rain and flooding which made a huge impact on the community. Most basements are flooded and and people need help getting rid of that water. How I know this? Cause I'm at the headquarters generating leads for Badger Basement Systems and they got a tons this month.

It's gotten so bad that they are letting people in the community borrow sump pumps till the flooding stops. I figured I'd blog about this cause, lets face it... how many companies out there will give out 100 sump pumps to help them with this situation? Now, that's HOT!!!

Badger giving out pumps at their location in Wisconsin

Good job, Badger... Keep up the good work.