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3D Plane using 3D Max

3D Toys (Plane, Blimp and Scooter)

This plane was my FIRST EVER complete 3d model done in 3D Max r2.5. Looking at the date on the plane you can tell I did this in 2000. I was attending Art Institute of Houston back then and I blew everybody in class with this model, lighting , and texture.

In 2000, 3D was new and hot so back then you didn't see too many cool images in classrooms other then tv and movies. So Hot!!! :)

To show how cool and geeky I was, I named it E-Bird 2000. I was known as the E-man, so when I created something, it had to have a E infornt of the word. My car was named E-mobile, lol, so came the domain name EvanDaEman.com. It was fun!