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Richard Fencil - Basement Systems, Inc

Basement Systems Logo"As the Internet Marketing Director at Basement Systems, I needed to rely on key people to make sure that we attaining our goals and continuing to innovate. Having Evan as a project manager and webmaster within the department made this possible. He's one of those rare webmasters/programmers that takes on a project with a positive attitude and a mind set that it can be done."
July 17, 2009 
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What I had done to get this recommendation

I had a great run at Basement Systems and Richard was the single most influential person for me during my career there. Richard gave me the big break when he hired me to build some landing pages for him. We started with just www.basementsystems.com in 2006 and when I left in 2012, we had 200+ sites. The owner of the company always said that luck = opportunity meets readiness. Richard gave me the opportunity and I was ready to take it. I worked very hard and I was super motivated because I was enjoying every minute of it.