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Jacques Bouchard - Adecco Group

Adecco Logo"I worked with Evan for five years, and watched his performance firsthand as the department grew from six people to a full-on team of 32 programmers and creative specialists. 

Throughout it all, Evan was a dynamic and necessary cornerstone of the company, demonstrating skills that included being the core architect of the network's entire technological back end, as well as "all things programming" at Basement Systems. But more than that, Evan was a leading persona in the company, shaping the culture and community, bonding with our partners and clients in a way that few others could, and leading the company's efforts in both training and presentations to our clients.

The trust and confidence that upper management showed in regards to Evan's performance was clear and evident, as he was chosen again and again to spearhead in leadership roles and champion new projects (such as putting Dr. Energy Saver on the map) as the company's growth and expansion increased many times over."
January 28, 2013
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What I had done to get this recommendation

Jacques and I worked together for a long time and I hav seen him grow to a SEO content writing beast that he is. Jacques can be very powerful when is focused on something. He helped me with many projects and I feel as I had helped him with many as well. it's hard to have success without good people surrounding you and part of my success was because of the team we had at Basement Systems. Jacques now works at Adecco.