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Chad Lacey - Basement Systems Calgary

Basement Systems Calgary Logo"Evan is always first to answer any question that should come up and even better he listen's to the brainwave ideas that I get! Even if they are to crazy he tries to see if it can be done!! You will always get great job if Evan is involved!!"
June 26, 2009 
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What I had done to get this recommendation

Chad is the future owner of Basement Systems Calgary. His dad, Doug Lacey, still runs the show. However, chad is the General Manager of Sales & Marketing and very focused on customer service.

Our job was to generate basement related leads for the company and we did heck of a job. Anytime we wanted to try something new on the web, Chad always volunteered his site to be the early lab rat. Of course, that meant that they always had the most unique and new technologies on their web site before others. We loved working with team Calgary :)