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Since 1998, I have been known as EvanDaEman on the web. Started as an AOL chatroom screen name, which led to my website as evandaeman.com. Unfortunately, I DO NOT own that domain name and it's a pain to get it back.

Well, since high school, Emon bhai, a very good close friend of mine and myself came up with the concept of the E-men. Since we will never be Batman or Superman... since our names start with E, we figured we'd be E-men... so his screen name was EmanElLoco and mine was EvanDaEman. Very cheezy you say? Yes... lol anything to be cool in high school right? It was fun while it lasted, so no complaints.

I have noticed that, EvanDaEman is still around in many websites as I used that name a lot. By adding this page I'm hoping that if anyone searches for my screen name, my site will come up :)

If you have a link to my old domain from your website, please change that so the traffic comes directly to my new site.

Now, I'm trying to position myself as a web designer in Connecticut. So, if you ever decide to link back to my site, please use "Web Designer in Connecticut" as the anchor text.