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Bangladesh hit with Cyclone Sidr

Image from CNN.comWell, it's nothing new that Bangladesh gets hit with a flood every other year if not every year... this year... the flood was huge and now the Cyclone Sidr.

I've been watching NTV News, ATN News and other news from the internet and they all say the same thing... over 10,000 people could be dead. I want to see if I get some help in setting up a fund raiser for this cause...

My heart goes out to those who lost loved one and to the farmers... They just got recovering from the flood and now this... People just can't catch a break.

People are left on their own to survive... I'm scratching my head thinking what I can do to help. Thinking of setting up a donation box online and send the money to some needy folks in the village areas.

If you get a chance to donate a few bucks to any fund raiser for this cause, please do so... we got it so good living in foreign countries... someone gotta help em out.

Here are some news links:

I'll add to this page later as I get more information