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1st Premier Mortgage Company

1st Premier Mortgage CompanyTitle: Connecticut Home Mortgage

1st Premier Mortgage Company offers home loans in Connecticut. I had created the 1st version of this website back in 2006 and recently, Maya, the owner of the company hired me to work on this again. This time, I gave it a little different look and optimized the website for "Connecticut Home Mortgage".

Optimizing a web site for the search engine is natural at this point. Can't help it. It just makes sense to do it right once you really get into it. The company is out of Norwalk, CT. So, the goal is to get the site to the 1st page of google for "Home Loans Norwalk" and related local mortgage keywords. 

The site has a mortgage calculator with payment breakdown of a given period. The site is very small and right to the point. Just what the client wanted :)

Visit the website: 1stpremiermtg.com