SEO and Internet Marketing Specialist

Welcome to the personal home page of Evan Islam. I'm a web designer/internet marketer in Dallas, Texas working as a full time SEO and/or web marketing specialist at Dalworth Restoration. After working 40 hours a week on home improvement web sites, all I do is play video games, go out, and work on MORE WEB SITES. Some of them make me a few bucks to buy some candies ;)

This site is my playground where I test new web scripts, display my artwork, and show things I want to show. I like to program and create database driven dynamic web sites which are optimized for the search engines and hopefully user friendly. SEO is what I do, so go ahead and Google me.

Contact Me
If you want to contact me about anything, just fill out the form on the contact me page or call me at 203-502-3245.


I also love to draw

I actually attended an art college so I had to draw. Below are some drawings I've drawn over the years. These are mostly old because it has been a while since I drew anything. I should start drawing again. Check out my art portfolio here.

  1. Sumatran Tiger

    Blue pen on 11X17 paper
  2. Ferrari Logo

    Drawn in Facebook's Graffiti application
  3. Thinking Monkey

    Drawn in Facebook's Graffiti application
  4. 3D Taj Mahal

    3d Max render
  5. Elephant

    Ball point pen
  6. 20th Birthday

    Drawn in Photoshop
  7. Toys

    3d Max
  8. Cheetah

    Red Ink
  9. Bangladesh Blimp

    3d Max
  10. Michael Jackson: Smooth Criminal

    Drawn in Facebook's Graffiti application
  11. Model

    Oil on Canvas
  12. Snake Head

    Green and Black pen