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Title: Home Security Houston

Website created for an Broadview dealer in Houston who I have known for over 10 years. This site was build with ALL SEO in mind. His previous website wasn't doing very well, so my job is to make this website #1 in google for terms such as "Home Security System in Houston".

I made the site live on 02/14/2008. Lets see how long it takes me to get the site to rank #1 in :)

I have created a very dynamic back-end CMS(Content Management System) for this website. The owner can log in and edit all contents, view leads generated from the site, manage users, etc.

What's cool is I track where an individual lead came from, where they landed on and what was the last page before conversion. This helps me test and increase the conversion rate of the site. Google analytic gives you only so much data so, I had to create custom scripts to do the rest.

Recently, I have worked on another website for the owner of American Best Security. Fire Alarm System in Houston is created by my web team in Bangladesh and I have done some SEO and fine tuning of the website.

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Another Project for same company - Home Security Houston